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Abu Dhabi Precast
Manufacturing and construction of quality precast products

Abu Dhabi Precast’s facilities have grown to include the cutting edge of Precast technologies ranging from computer aided Steel fabrication to machine operated concrete transportation systems. The following technologies have been immersed in all facets of Precast manufacturing andproduction. Abu Dhabi Precast strives to maintain the upmost of Precast manufacturing productivity without compromising for the quality of the Precast Products .

Abu Dhabi Precast has grown to include a total land area of 227,547 m2, which includes 32,000 m2 of Shaded production area. Abu Dhabi Precast has the capacity to produce 1,000 m3 a day of a variety of products, and a daily production of 4,300 m2 of hollow core slabs. Abu Dhabi Precast’s various products adhere to the strictest international standards and have consequently been approved and utilized in both the public and private sector .

Range of Facilities
  • Computer Aided Steel Fabrication Machine
  • Four Batching Plants
  • 40+ Trucks & Trailers
    • Flat-Bed Trailers
    • A-FrameTrailers
    • Low BedTrailers
  • 32 Overhead Cranes
  • 26 Mobile Cranes
  • 140 Tilting Tables
  • 22 Hollow Core Slab Beds 150 meters in length