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Abu Dhabi Precast
Manufacturing and construction of quality precast products
Range of Products

Abu Dhabi precast caters to a wide array of products of which include:

    • Full Pre-Cast Building System
      • Wall Frame System
      • Column & Beam Frame System
    • Pre-stressed Products:
      • Hollow Core Slabs
      • Double & Single T Slabs
      • Beams
    • Boundary Walls
    • Decorative Cladding Panels
    • Infrastructure:
      • Tunnel’s
      • Bridge Beams
      • Road Barrier’s
      • Manholes
      • Pole Foundations
    • Marine Products:
      • Break Water Blocks
      • Flouting Pontoon’s
Pre-Cast Building System
Boundary walls
Pre-stressed Products
Decorative Cladding Panels
Marine Products